Graphic Design Skills – Part A

Graphic Design Skills – Part A

Welcome to the creative, inspiring and satisfying world of professional graphic design. 

Once a specialist’s domain, the field of design and graphics is now open to everyone who owns or uses a computer, and for many people today, the ability to produce well laid out documents has become an essential professional skill.

It can also be stimulating, rewarding and fun.

Bearing this in mind, the Weblynx College Graphic Design Intensive Online Course has been developed by trained and experienced graphic and website designers, professional educators and design studio managers.

In it we share with you the cumulative knowledge and experience gained from sucessfully working in the design industry and education across thirty years. Our primary goal in presenting this course is to foster the creative development of aspiring graphic designers while providing an understanding of design and the management and software application skills essential to the profession.

We also aim to provide you with an enjoyable learning experience in a supportive environment, mentored by experienced working professionals who value individuality and creativity.

Building upon the foundations of our original course which was previously studied successfully by many hundreds of students from all over the globe across ten years plus, originally through Australian College, we bring our newer and upgraded version to you via Weblynx College, our own Online School for Design.

Bigger and better, we have designed this course to include a strong skills and practical base to provide students with a more intensive and comprehensive learning experience, with faster feedback and direct contact with your course mentors.

As well as creating this course to put something back into the industry that has been kind to us throughout our working lives, we aspire to bring good design online and make design more accessible and achievable.

In the process we are also hoping to train the kind of designers that we love to work with.